Reasons To Join

The United Group (TUG) is committed to returning maximum rebate allowances to Members and facilitating maximum sales for Suppliers within the group.


The United Group is owned by the Members who each own one equal share. TUG’s executive staff is empowered by Members to negotiate with Suppliers for the greatest reciprocal benefit for both interests.


With nearly 400 member companies and 170+ affiliated supplier partners in The United Group, there is always someone who can share expertise, recommend solutions, steer you away from mistakes, or help connect you to decision-makers.


TUG staff is available full-time to support and assist Members and Suppliers, and our annual Conference puts Suppliers and Members in direct contact in both professional and social settings.


United Group Supplier contract terms are shared openly with Members, freeing Suppliers to deal honestly and directly with the group.


While TUG is not the largest industry group, our size allows staff to give greater personal attention to Members and Suppliers and facilitates frequent communication.