The United Group’s safety market segment provides safety products for industrial businesses, construction, manufacturing, logistics & warehousing, and more; with emphasis on protective clothing and safety equipment. Examples of safety items distributed by our members include: absorbents, aprons, bandages, bottles, brushes, bulbs, cable ties, dispensers, ear protection, eye protection, fall protection, first aid kits, foot protection, gloves, hand dryers, hats, helmets, mats, mirrors, pads, plugs, protective clothing, refrigerants, respirators, screens, sponges, tapes, tissues, vests, wraps, and more.

Alliance Rubber Company
Armor - Iimak
ASI American Specialties, Inc.
Cable Tie Express
Cellucap - Disco
Cordova Safety Products
DDI System, An Advantive Company
Dentec Safety Specialists
Dial Professional
Domtar - Enterprise Group
Impacto Protective Products, Inc.
J & M Technologies, Inc.
M + A Matting
Medique Products
Nception Brands
Nordic Ice
Omni International
R3 Safety
Safety Direct Ltd.
SaniQuest Solutions
Satco Products, Inc.
STRONG Manufacturers
Supply Source Enterprises
Tolco Corporation
Wrap Tite, Inc.