A Message from Golden Star: Preparing for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and Golden Star would like you to be prepared for the upcoming event.

 Unlike our set New Year date, the Chinese holiday is a movable celebration that will be taking place from February 5th to February 23rd. Factories are required to be closed during this time, and we can expect all factories to be closed or at diminished capacity for approximately three weeks.
Golden Star’s multiple domestic and overseas facilities help us ensure that you are protected from supply chain shortages. However microfiber, unlike conventional mops, is primarily sourced from China. Therefore we recommend you place your order for microfiber items as quickly as possible to prohibit shortages over the Chinese New Year. 
Golden Star thanks you for your partnership, and the trust you have placed in us to be your source for your cleaning products and solutions. In China the 2019 zodiac symbol is the year of the “PIG”, an animal which symbolizes WEALTH. In this light we wish you many fortunes in 2019.
For more information on Golden Star’s full line of hard surface cleaning products please contact goldenstar@goldenstar.com or (800) 821-2792.