Brand New Line of Two-Piece, Tamper Evident , Tamper Resistant Snack Boxes

Fueled by the heightened focus on food health & safety, the market demand for and use of tamper-resistant, tamper-evident packaging has increased significantly in recent years.

Snacking and Grab & Go convenience have also become a regular part of our everyday eating habits. TamperGuard™ SnackBoxes are the prefect option to capitalize on these trends by offering safety, versatility, creativity, freshness, maximum visibility... all in one sleek, square box!

Below is a reminder of all the key pieces of information on this TamperGuard Snackboxes that are both Tamper Evident and Tamper Resistant.


•Primary competitive advantage: TamperGuard Snackboxes are both tamper-resistant AND tamper-evident. This is not the case with the competition which are either just tamper-resistant; just tamper-evident or neither tamper-resistant nor tamper-evident.

Tamper-Resistant Definition:

Designed to make improper opening of a product’s packaging difficult or impossible

TamperGuard Tamper-Resistant Feature:

360° VanishingEdge™ Seal– very short lid edge, tucks into the base rim to vanish from view. Specifically designed to inhibit the ability to grab onto and lift the lid from the base without tearing the tab.

Additional benefit: provides a leak resistant perimeter seal, to maximize freshness and prevent leaks.

Tamper-Evident Definition:

Package has one or more indicators/ barriers to entry, which if breached/missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred

TamperGuard Tamper-Resistant Feature:

TamperAlert Tab™ - Lift up to tear. Specifically designed to protrude upward when torn, alerting the customer that the container has been opened. Tab remains attached to the container when torn, meaning no loose plastic pieces and no littering.

Do Not Purchase Message embossed on lid: Alerts customers to signs of a tampered container

•Additional Features include: CrossSeal™ Compartment Technology (applicable to compartmented options), Stacking Stabilizers, Smooth Sidewalls, etc.

Dart Snack Boxes

Dart F-form Tamper Guard Snack Box

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