Warehouse Operations Webinar From DDI System: Unleash Your Potential

Few supply chain decisions impact your company’s day-to-day business, financial health, and customer relations more than implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS). To move forward faster, best-in-class distributors understand how to avoid the gaps between day-to-day business operations and warehouse efficiency.

During this 1-hour webinar, you’ll get an inside look at how Inform ERP Software and Inform Distribution Center (DC) work in parallel to help distributors:

•   Eliminate bottle-necks and errors that drive up operational costs with proven workflows

•   Gain complete control over operations with visibility into inventory location, staff allocation and order completion status

•   Achieve error-free PO receiving

•   Reduce warehouse travel time with guided putaway and location slotting

•   View real-time inventory levels across all warehouses from one centralized source

•   Attain higher customer retention with fewer errors